Adv. Vishwasrao Dattatraya Athare

Joint Secretary

Born on March 21, 1950 at Ahmednagar in middle class family. His grandfather had initiated primary school at Kaudgaon through local board in order to provide education to poor students from rural area. Thus the family had the ancestry of educational and social work.

Adv. Vishwasrao Athare Patil had all his education in schools and colleges of Ahmednagar Jilha Maratha Vidya prasarak Samaj.

– 1977 started practice under guidance of Hon MP Chandrabhan Athare Patil. Further he was nominated as district government officer as well as government prosecutor.

-He handled many important and high profile matters during his tenure as a lawyer. He faught a legal struggle for the project affected farmers who had lost their land. He proved instrumental to provide in proper reimbursement for their lost property.

– Elected as a member of Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa also selected as its Chairman of the same. Through these institutions he has often guided regarding laws prepared by government of Maharashtra.

– Worked as a vice president of Ahmednagar District legal Aid and Advice Committee.

– He organized different law and judiciary related programs and camps throughout the district. —-He works as a tourist in Remand Home at Ahmednagar.  It is a home for destitute children. ——-Active involvement in establishment  of Chandrabhan Athare Patil Gramnavodaya Trust through which he contributed in establishment of Athare Patil Public School and Children’s Home.

 -Works as a Trustee of Ahmednagar Jilla Mata Vidya prasarak Samaj. He had remained Treasure of the same.

– He had shown active involvement in opening up of English medium schools in Pathardi  Taluka. He had played a major role in growth and development of Ahmednagar Jilha Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj.